Familian&1 helps businesses measure & automate growth strategies.  Founder + Principal Seth Familian leverages world class cloud-based tools to collect deep audience insights, create compelling data stories, and build automated workflows which fuel user activation, retention, referrals and revenues. 


Our Clients

have included more than 50 Fortune 500 companies and startups


Our Services

link together a select set of powerful cloud-based platforms:

Combinations of these platforms fuel six service offerings:

Unified Analytics Strategy

Our flagship service helps you think carefully about the tools and approach you should use to measure activity on your website(s) or application(s)—whether you have 10 users or 10,000,000.  Once we've identified the right combination of cloud tools to leverage, we'll put together an instrumentation spec and oversee its implementation with your developers.  The end result is an amazingly robust data flow capable of integrating with hundreds of other platforms without amassing technical debt. 

Instant Audience Insights

If you have a list of email addresses, signup dates, visitation frequency, and last visited date, we can provide you with loyalty segments, companies, industries, titles, and social media influence—all of which can be leveraged for more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns.  We can either perform these services with a static list, or incorporate them into the Unified Analytics Strategy we're developing for you.

Visual Data Storytelling

Even the most valuable data can seem useless without the right story told around it.  We typically start with the data we've generated in our own services in concert with cloud-based analytics platforms to develop intuitive dashboards of the most important performance metrics.  We then rely on the principles of good (data) design to sequence dashboard snapshots into easy-to-follow and powerfully insightful stories around key trends—and their strategic business implications.   For many of our clients, we deliver these data storytelling services on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Marketing Automation Strategy

The best data-driven insights result in actions—many of which can be performed through the magic of marketing automation.  Familian&1 has deep familiarity with marketing automation platforms like Intercom, so we can make our insights actionable by designing and overseeing automated campaigns to optimize:

  • new user onboarding and activation
  • slipped user retention and re-engagement
  • loyal user engagement and social praise gathering
  • periodic Net Promoter Score assessment
  • behavioral targeting and relevant content delivery

Workshops & Training

Familian&1 prides itself on empowering clients to understand, learn, and run with the tools we've put in place—typically through interactive workshops and immersive learning sessions.  We make these same educational services available to others through in-person and online webcast workshops, along with self-paced learning tools.  Since 2009, Founder + Principal Seth Familian has instructed over 1,000 students on on digital tools for business, visual design with data, working with big data, affordable web design, and marketing strategy.  He has held over 50 workshops at General Assembly, Impact HUB, Galvanize, and UC Berkeley.  Seth has also served as Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Presidio Graduate School.


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