GradMap: Alumni fundraising transformed

Just a few days ago I launched the first three pilot campaigns for GradMap—a lightweight software platform which combines information visualization with social gaming mechanics to improve participation rates in alumni reunion fundraising campaigns.  

The GradMap platform—initially conceived five years ago during my MBA studies at UC Berkeley—represents countless hours of design, development, ideation and iteration with a small team of incredible developers.   These first pilot campaigns will run through June 30, 2012, and nine more will launch in the Fall.  Visit to reserve a spot on the beta list!

Tools to Love: Notable


Sometimes it’s just too difficult to describe a visual change you’d like to make on a website.  In comes Notable to the rescue.  Though their recently-modified business model means that you’ll need to pay $19/month for basic access, it’s well worth it if you do a lot of communication around visual designs.  There are a few cheaper competitors out there including Invision, though I’ve found that their commenting tools can’t replicate Notable’s draw-a-box-and-note-it approach.