insights + interfaces

for digital business


Familian&1 connects the dots of digital media for organizations seeking clearly-crafted growth strategies, visual analytics & digital business insights. Seth Familian—an expert in brand strategy, visual storytelling, and data analytics—combines all three in bespoke project work. 


Clients + Capabilities

Growth Strategy

data models  ·  data insights  ·  growth hacking


Innovative Interface

springboards  ·  dashboards  ·  web presence

Education + Facilitation

digital tools for business  ·  affordable web design  ·  marketing strategy  ·  visual analytics


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Tools + Technologies  

Familian&1 believes in "riding the development curves" of other excellent digital services,
which means we work with a large number of tools + technologies across a variety of categories: 

Recent Workshops

delivered by Familian&1's founder + principal, Seth Familian 

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